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She grew up in a k9 training facility around other dogs and has already been crate trained. I've had her for 2.5 days now and she has no anxiety around my cousin's boxer(different house) but is very nervous/scared around me and my family members. She does not bark or bite or demonstrate any destructive behavior, just pretty much stays in one place the whole day. She finally ate and peed inside for the first time overnight when I was sleeping yesterday. I should also note that I used a ground shipper who had her in the backseat of a car in a travel crate. I
  1. She will eat treats but will not go anywhere without me picking her up. How can I get her to come outside if she refuses to move anywhere? Luring her with treats does not do anything.
  2. Should I wait a couple more days to see if she settles in to start implementing training? She's only been crate trained
  3. Is it OK to physically pick up a dog to take her outside/inside? That's what I've been doing to get her to come outside for potty. I need to take her to the vet tomorrow so I don't see any other choice currently.
  4. Is it a good idea to block off the area where she sits all day to get her more acclimated with the rest of the house?

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Wait. Don't pressure the dog. Give her some time to acclimate. Your home is a completely new setting and environment for her.

I would suggest not to pick her up to go outside. Just make it simple. Put a collar and leash on her, gently lead her with treats. If she moves, then treat. Even a little movement......any success no matter how small gets a reward.

Another technique is to not feed her from a bowl. Feed her by hand. Trust me, she will move when hungry. Remember, the treats only need to be large enough for a smell and taste. The treat should be able to be gobbled quickly. Think, like the size of an M&M or smaller.

You can block off the area until she adjusts. Then gradually expand the area as she acclimates.

One thing you must keep in mind. Terriers are very intelligent and can lose interest quickly. Above all, DO NOT PUNISH the the dog for non-compliance. They don't respond well to physical. You will be more successful to reward when the dog makes any attempt, no matter how small. The "punishment" is denial of the treat.

The Airedale is a beautiful dog. I looked for one for nearly a year while I was in China. The closest I came was a Vet who wanted $300 USD as deposit with no guarantee of finding a dog and no return of deposit. Estimated cost was nearly $4500 USD. I passed.
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