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Help with a prong collar?

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For so long I've been struggling with keeping the prong collar to stay at the top of my dogs neck. It just keeps slipping down no matter how tight it is. I don't want to put it too tight because them my dog starts making noises with her breathing and I feel like it's too tight on her. Is it because she has long fur and it helps the collar to slide down her neck with ease? It's frustrating because I don't want it to harm my dog when it pulls at the bottom of her neck. How do I get it to stay up??
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Good place to start. Its probably going to slide alittle no matter what though. Right sized prong, right sized links, positioned correctly it should * mostly * stay where you want it. Also if you are pulling back on it instead of up or to the side even a properly fitted one is going to move. Not meant to be pulled backwards.
My dog is a long coat and it seems to help the prong stay put.....
A prong collar won't harm your dog at the bottom of the neck. It is simply rendered relatively ineffective.
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