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Help ..wild puppy

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Hoping for some advice. I adopted a just 5 month old puppy.He is a pointer mix we think. We got him at the shelter. He was very skinny ( just treated for tapeworms) and he is little. Only 18.6 pounds probably about 5 pounds underweight. Bet believes he will be no more then 40.pounds so not sure of the mix. Looks very much like a pointer though. He is a scardy cat and is very sweet at times. It has been a week and each day seems to be the same. He is very housebroken but has no manners which is a bit odd. He will sleep.curled up on my arm all night from midnight till 7 am. He will take naps cireled up with me like a sweet baby. But when he is awake oh my goodness. I have dogs my whole life and puppies. I have had misbehaved puppies but never one that doesnt understand no. I have a 14 year old dog ( her sister passed 2 months ago and they were together her entire life) I expected problems from her because she isnt super dog friendly but was lonely. She has very much accepted him and a little more pep in her step. I will.list the issues below. I am walking him a few times a day and he goes on a car ride each day to see the horses and to walk in the woods. So he gets out.

1. Crate did not go well. He will bark and bark and bark in the crate. I live in an apartment so I had to give in or we get kicked out. I ordered a no bark collar for small dogs. It just has vibrate and beep no shock at all. That should be here soon.

If I could out him in his crate when he is bad that might help but he barks and whines and tares at it.

2. My senior dog accepted him but he pushes it and I am afraid he will get her to not accept him. He has crazy wild spurts throughout the day. Tons of zoomies and then he will run crazy circles around her and bark. Then he will not let us catch him to stop him just barks and runs like a full and continues crazy bigger circles. When we do catch him we have tried numerous things. First a rolled up newspaper smack ...does nothing he just tries to grab the newspaper and chew it up. Then a hand smack ( I hate) and he is boney so it is more for the effect then a hard smack. He doesn't care. Yell no..he doesnt care hold him tell him no he just goes wild to squirm away and continue what he was was doing. If we try to hold him still he will bite. Not a nasty mean dog bite but biting so we let go I smack his nose ..doesnt phase him at all...smack I tried.a flick to his nose lol.doesnt do a thing he just keeps chomping away. He does this more to me then my dad who helps with the dogs. He will bite and squirm forever. It is like he doesnt hear me saying no and doesnt get it at all. I know he can hear because he hears a food wrapper and he is gone.

3. The only way to calm him down is to put his leash on and make he stay beside me. He then chews his leash and flips all around and grabs at anything he can ti chew. He has a bunch of new kong toys which he does play with.

4. This one worries me alot. He is a tiny little thing so I can restrain him b8t as he grows this could.get way out of control. He has serious food.guarding with my other dog. Not people. I give him his food.take ot away hand feed everything no issues. If.my other dog goes anywhere near where his food.bowl.was (I pick it up after the eat and feed him in another room) he will flip. Thank god.he was never loose when it happened because if he goes after her she isnt shy. In his crate once when he was eating she walked by and this was a very nasty growling barking and charging in his crate to get to her. If she walks by where his bowl was he will do the nasty bark and growl.

How can a tiny 5 month old puppy have these issues? I would never take him back to the shelter but I have to fix him. Not.many trainers around here and I am capable I train horses and can train him but am at a loss. Any tips ?? I have never seen a dog that doesnt understand no..nothing makes him sit back and so ohhh sorry or anything.
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1. What kind of crate? If it is a wire crate your puppy is likely insecure in it. Get a plastic crate and COVER it so he cannot see out. That might make it better. Give him raw meaty bone in the crate. Freeze it first. That should quiet him down. Put the crate in a quiet place away from activity.

2. Put a collar and leash on him. Do NOT let him out with the other dog. Work on your relationship with this dog and work and walk him alone. It is more work for you to handle two dogs separately but that is what you need to do. Work on recall. Make coming to you the best thing ever in the world. ALWAYS have REALLY GOOD food on you. when he comes to you, make that the happiest thing he can do and FEED FEED FEED. Don't try to hold him back. Use the leash and collar. If he goes to bite redirect to a toy.. a tug.. something you can engage him with. Leave a leash and drag line on him at all times. DO NOT chase him.. run away from him. Chasing him teaches him the fun game of "keep away."

3. Chewing the leash. Redirect to something else. Play tug with that. You need a toy that he only gets when he is engaged with you. Something that the two of you can play with .

4. Resource guarding his food. Easy. Feed him in his crate in a place separate from the other dog. LEAVE HIM ALONE WHEN HE EATS. That crap where people take the food away and give it back, put their hands in the dog bowls or that fake hand they use at shelters.. NO NO NO. Just let the dog eat in peace by himself away from the other dog. It is HIS food. Leave the dog alone when he eats.
You can also make him earn his food. Every bit of food he must do something for and never eat out of a bowl.

STOP hitting your dog. That is a sure fire way to ruin your relationship.
I DO correct my dog and make no excuse for it but not like this and not at this age and only when the dog clearly KNOWS what is expected and has elected to blow me off. THAT is not what you have here. You have an untrained dog with a lot of energy, not a dog that clearly understands what you expect. That won't happen until the dog is about 2 years old and only if you train a LOT. Again, stop hitting your dog. It is not effective. Instead you need to enthusiastically let your dog know when he is right.. food, excitement and play are your friends.

Instead of correcting your dog, set him up to be successful. Don't make it a fight. Reward what you want. Work and walk the two dogs away from each other until you have solid behavior and responses.
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