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To paraphrase, cute is as cute does.

The breeder should be the one giving you guidance in choosing the puppy from the litter who's personality and temperament are best suited to your situation. Unless they are completely lousy breeders who never interact with their dogs beyond feeding them and cleaning their kennels, the breeder knows the temperaments and personalities of the parents, and will have been observing the puppies since they were born, making notes of their temperaments and personalities. What do looks matter when you've chosen the "cuter" one, and it turns out to be the wrong dog for your situation?

If, on the other hand, it's a case of the breeder thinking that these two puppies would be the best fit for you based on their temperament, activity level, and such, then IMO, they will both grow up to look like doodles. White markings can shrink, or even disappear completely. On the other hand, white markings may also become more prominent as the dog grows. Poodles also frequently carry "fading" genes, which means that they will wind up a lot lighter colored as adults than they are now. The red one will probably have more coat than the blond one, so how much grooming do you feel like doing (or paying for)?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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