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If he’s an older dog it may not be fear but pain. Going downstairs can cause painful hips and knees to really ache. If this is the case, a vet visit may be in order to help your dog be more comfortable but I wouldn’t recommend making the dog use stairs unless that’s required to get in and out of the home.
If you’re talking about a young healthy dog, the put a leash on him, grab a pocketful of treats and sit down on the top stair. Give your dog a treat. Move down 2 stairs and sit. Hold a treat out for your dog. NEVER pull or try to drag him down the stairs. Don’t act worried or excited. Calm. Relaxed. Confident. This is something that must be addressed calmly and at his pace-not yours. Once he goes down a couple steps, give him a treat and praise him a LOT.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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