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I’ve seen 3 different vet groups about this so far and NO ONE has given me an answer!

  • 6 y/o female, pure bread German shepherd
  • began obsessively licking anus 2 years ago and was told by vet it was anal glands then beginning this year was told environmental allergies. Tried apoquel for months starting January of this year, didn’t help the itching.
  • started developing thick, black patches on legs (heels, feet), face, and around the anus approximately 6 months ago. took her to the vet and was told it’s just allergies yet again. we then tried citopoint injections starting in april/may and didn’t work so we began a combo of the two around the end of July. It still isn’t working.
  • beginning of august I switched her food to acana salmon while cutting chicken out of her diet and throwing out all plastic toys/feeders/etc
  • moved states early this month and went to another vet where they tested for ringworm (negative results). was told it was “elephant skin” and given antimicrobial wipes to apply twice per day.
  • so far we have used the wipes for 2 weeks and it’s gotten a tiny bit better but she’s still suffering. Licking the spots bloody.
  • CBC and metabolic are normal other than a slightly elevated free t4, in depth thyroid panel came back normal
  • negative for mange, no fleas, no tick borne diseases
  • history of gastroenteritis, coprophagia, and ear yeast infections
  • other medications include monthly heartgard and nexgard

if anyone has experienced this please please help. She’s loosing hair all over her legs and face and is clearly miserable

pictures below taken around September 8th and has since spread while patches have gotten bigger/ turned black

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Poor pup. Skin issues are so tricky - even vets often need to take skin scrapes or biopsies to properly identify what's going on. Have you talked to your vet about getting a referral to a veterinary dermatologist? If she were my dog, my next step would be looking into specialists who have more in depth knowledge and access to tools and techniques a general practice vet doesn't.
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