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Hi y'all :) new owner of a maltipoo puppy here (haven't had a dog in four years since my first baby passed)

She is 5 months old and was housetrained on the farm she lived on previously. However, I live in a high rise apartment, and she is having trouble adjusting to her new environment. She was NOT willing to use the bathroom outside - neither if I took her outside and walked her, or if I took her to the dog park on the roof. She would pee or poop immediately once we got back inside. So, I've resorted to pee pads - which are actually more convenient since I live on the 7th story of an apartment complex in the middle of a city.

However, I'm wanting to move to the suburbs next year, and I'm worried about her only using the bathroom on pee pads. What if we stay somewhere - with my siblings or parents - and she doesn't know how to go outside? How will I retrain her when I move?

Is there a way to train her to go outside when necessary but also use pee pads for now as it is way more convenient in a high rise apartment? Thanks.
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