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HELP!! Puppy's leg is injured!!

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Hello, thanks for taking the time to read my message. I am the owner of a two-months-old cane corso who, after jumping off my bed, injured her little leg. More specifically, the articulation between her leg and her paw is not only inflamed, but also leaned forward. Unfortunately, that's the most accurate description I can give, but clear pictures of the injury will be attached to this post. Unfortunately, because of the quarantine, I have yet to find a vet that will attend to her. In the mean time, I would like to know if anyone has an idea of what her problem is and, thus, what I can do to alleviate her pain.
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This was posted in another thread asking a medical question. Maybe it would help.

* * * Since the country is under lockdown if you already know a vet you can share this pic via email with them. If not, there are a couple of websites where you might find helpful for the same.
Greatvet.com: I’ll personally recommend this one as a couple of weeks ago my cat (munchkin breed) had a severe stomach ache. I actually sent an email to a couple of similar sites, they were the first ones to respond. Thankfully, she’s much better now.
Some other sites which I contacted - activ4pets
Hope this might be helpful!
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