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I'm new here. I just adopted a rescued 2 yr. old female ACD (Australian Cattle Dog). Her previous owners had her on Beneful kibble. I also have a 4 year old pug who's on California Naturals kibble. I would like the dogs to be on the same food and would like to get rid of the Beneful anyway (ick!).

I tried to gradually switch over the ACD to CN when we first got her and she simply quit eating and starting to vomit bile after a few days. I put her back on the full amount of Beneful for a week and she got back to normal, starting eating well again and having regular stools (as regular as they can be for a Beneful diet anyway). She has been back on her Beneful diet for a week and doing well, so I decided to start very gradually (again) moving her over to CN, by mixing 3 parts Beneful to one part CN. She did eat it, but wound up vomitting up her entire breakfast.

How is it that she can't tolerate even a tiny morsel of CN??

Please help! I don't want to keep her on Beneful but I don't know what to do!
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