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Help! Potty issue

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Hello, everyone. I am new to the forum. My husband and I need some help with a potty issue. We have a 6 year old mutt (Beagle/Lab) who is very smart and has been very well-trained all of his life. We've never had any trouble with him. Lately, however, as of the last few weeks, he has begun peeing inside the house. We have bells hanging from the door that he is used to ringing but lately he either does not ring them, or rings them and waits less than a minute to pee inside and does not come to find us like he used to. Usually he has been peeing right by the door, but today he peed in the office! He stays in a crate during the day and does not pee inside his crate and sleeps by our bed at night and does not pee overnight, so it is not a bladder issue. There have been no major changes in our lives in the last few weeks. I have NO IDEA what is going on with him. He is going to the vet tomorrow for a check up, but like I said, his bladder seems fine for hours at the time.
Any suggestions or ideas???


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Have you had her checked for diabetes? It is another possibility. It could also be that he is marking/remarking his territory. Here are others who have similar experience as you have now: http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf13316411.tip.html
Taking your doggy to the vet is definatly the first thing you should do. A sudden change in behaviour like that is good to get checked out!

Best of luck!
Thank you, the website you sent me to was very informative. I'll post again after we hear from the vet.

Thanks for checking. I have been crazy!

Well, the vet said he saw what could be a minor infection so he sent some antibiotics, but he thinks it's mostly behavioral. No diabetes, no issues, no nothing. So...with this old dog, we are going back to treats when he pees outside, treats when he rings the bell, etc. to see if we can re-teach positive behavior. We don't know why he is doing this so we can just try to keep it from happening anymore.

If anybody has any other ideas or suggestions, we appreciate it!

Wish us luck!

I'm glad it wasn't a health issue as we first suspected, best of luck!
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