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So, Ruby is an older puppy who is housetraining late due to being chained up outside and then fostered by a busy family -- they got her to go potty outside pretty consistently, but for some reason, she doesn't want to go poo outside. It might be because of the circumstances of her neglect, but it could also be due to general temperment and/or me having no idea what I'm doing. Probably all 3.

We've tried issuing a 'go poop' command when we think it's about time for her to go #2. This did work once or twice, then she seemed kind of resentful/defiant. She would go inside and run up the stairs and go poop somewhere before we go to the top. So, we leash her, and go up with her now.

But, in general, even though we've gone into general lockdown with crate/or being directly watched/tethered being her only options, she still does not want to go. She held it for almost 3 full days last time.

This time, she somehow managed to escape the lockdown and completely poo-defile my H's home office. It's close to the front door, so I'm thinking this might be some improvement, I could also be being optimistic. :p

I know that she is very trainable with other things, sit, down, heal, stand, walk on hind legs, etc.

She does go pee just fine. If she does decide to be defiant (when we know she has to go) we crate her by the front door for 5 minutes to prevent accidents and then take her out again, and she'll go. I don't know if there is a way to do this with poo? I tried and she was in the crate (out, in, out, in) for a couple hours and never did go poop.

I'm resigned and willing to just continuing the hyper-vigilance, but is there something I'm doing wrong or could add? Any ideas or experience? :)
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