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I have had Jaz for a week now, she is a jack russell terrier, and is so tiny (2.2lbs) we felt so sorry for her when we got her home we let her snuggle up on the bed(shame)... I couldn't bear the thought of her being alone, now she wont settle down without being on the bed.
Do I put her in her crate and leave her to howl at night,?? I fear I've made a rod for my own back.
Also I live in an apartment and also worry about the neighbours, she does get quite sonic with the howling....

and suggestions?

ps i leave her (2 half days) in her crate, door open into the bathroom while I go to work, I just run out and shut the door. have to... got to be at work, so I don't know how long she howls for. but it's not at night, so no-one has complained.
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first off I would talk to all your sourounding neighbors. Explain what is going on and to talk to you if it is getting to them. I would just let her howel. You can also get egg carton foam and pad the floor (if there is an apt below you) and the walls to help with thte sound!
Thanks Mandymmr, I have spoken to my immediate neighbour and she says she hears the crying, but not for me to worry.l explained I was trying to train her, I think also it's me, I can't bear to hear her cry. I suppose it's just instinct, but I kNOW I should. and I am going to try again tonight. my partner has to be up for work at 5am, so that's another reason why I try to placate her. but I know it's the best thing to do in the long run. As our apartment is all on one floor it's difficult to put her somewhere I can't hear her... lol oh well, we knew this was going to happen.... puppy days are here again... funny how you forget.. it was almost 25yrs ago since my last puppy, but he had a companion..so different. thanks for your assurance. I feel a little better now.... like Cesa Milan says..stay calm and asserttive...(who's he kidding?) lol but I LOVE him anyway.
do you go in there and try to coax him etc when he is barking and howling while in his cage?
no, just tried to shut our eaqrs, but gave up after about 15 mins! felt I had to make the place quiet. I am too soft! going to try again tonight tho' wish me luck!
Good luck to you. But remember every time you give in to the howling, you're teaching her that the howling works if she just keeps at it, and howls louder.

If you could get a t-shirt that you've worn or something else with your scent on it and leave it with her, that may help to east her sorrows. :) And maybe a puppy kong with yogurt frozen into it...
thanks again, i'm going to the pet store this afternoon, i've not seen a puppy kong here in the uk. perhaps i need to look further. going to try anything. cheers!
no, just tried to shut our eaqrs, but gave up after about 15 mins! felt I had to make the place quiet. I am too soft! going to try again tonight tho' wish me luck!
so then yes you do go in there! LOL you need to be firm and NOT give in. Going in even after 15 min is still giving her a reward (seeing you or getting out)! Get some of the foam I mentioned and put on the wll for temp. That will help drownd out the sound! Get some ear plugs as well. Turn a radio, tv on to help drownd out her barking, also a fan!!!
I see, ok! i'm gonna try it tonight. I CAN DO IT! ...don't know about the foam tho' as it's in our bathroom, will try a radio and ear plugs. I'll be a nervous wreck by morning! lol
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