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From a person who has gone through the same thing as you, I offer my deepest sympathy. It's terrible to lose a pet, especially when it's such a young thing. In early February we brought home a puppy which died from (according to the vet) either a liver shunt or distemper... It's not a fun thing to go through, but unfortunately in your case, unless you do a necropsy, you probably won't fully know what caused it.

Vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy are three symptoms that are unfortunately too common to account for any one thing. Like Spotted Nikes says, there could have been some fertilizer runoff, poisonous plants/bug repellents, etc. Even some common household chemicals can poison a dog.

If you had the money, I'd recommend getting a necropsy, especially if you're looking to get another dog. If not, I'd disinfect the house (just in case) and wait a couple weeks before introducing a new pup. Additionally, keeping the puppy confined in something like a playpen or large crate during the day (and maybe even not letting it outside) will eliminate the possibility of the pup getting into anything poisonous again.

Once more I offer my sympathies. It's not easy to loose a pet.
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