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I am a new puppy owner, and recently went through a breeder to purchase a Pomsky. I live in a 1 bedroom condo and due to building restrictions as well as consideration for the puppy I wanted to keep the size to approximately 25-30 lbs. After discussions with several breeders, I settled on a breeder that seemed very reputable and provided answers to all of my questions and details on projected size which she mentioned would be approximately 25 lbs. My puppy is only 4 months old and is already 26 lbs and based on discussions with my Vet he is going to be 50 lbs+. I am in a very difficult situation due to my residency restrictions regarding pet sizes as well as consideration for the quality of life for him to live in my apartment at this size.

Any recommendations on how I should proceed? It kills me to think of needing to try to return to the breeder or give him up but I do not know what to do...
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