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Help- need tips for dog adjusting to new home

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I have a husky and shes 8 months old. I have had her for only two months but have been her primary owner who she’s been with everyday. My mom ended up being allergic to my puppy and now she has to live with my aunt. Can someone give me helpful tips in how involved I can be during the transition? She is there now and it’s only day 2. She misses me and is barking and howling at times. I want to be apart of her life and still want to see her frequently. She will just not have the primary care by me anymore. Please let me know any tips to help her move in easier, and how much I can be Involved
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Go for a run, or get sweaty in a shirt you don't want anymore. Then give that shirt to her. Your smell will be very strong on that shirt and will help calm her down. Be careful and decide on your level of involvement quickly as you may confuse her as to who she should look to as her leader.
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