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Help My Puppy Whines all night

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My puppy only seems to whine when its time for him to goto bed. He is a 6 wk old chinese crested (the one with covered in hair). He cries all night and i don't know how to help him actually feel safe at night. Is he just crying because he was to young to come home, or for some other reason i don't know about. The vet said he was really healthy, and he does good most of the daytime (he only cries when we get out of his vision) Am i doing something wrong, or will time fix this issue? I really need help so i can finally sleep through the night???
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Your pup is so young. Perhaps you might want to consider letting her sleep beside you or near you so that she will feel safe.
Six weeks is very, very young for a small breed dog. How long ago did you bring him home? Are you crating him at night? If so, where? If not, where does he sleep? Does he ever have accidents at night?
We brought him home about 3 or 4 days ago, he sleeps in his kennel in my entry way. He had one accident in the crate the day we brought him home. Other then that no accidents, but he whines all through the night.

we also take him out to goto the bathroom about halfway through the night, so he doesn't make a mess
You got your puppy far too young.

But, there's no remedying that now, so let's focus on the matter at hand. Considering it's only been a few days, it's not unusual that he is whining all night. Have you tried crating him in the same room you sleep in? How long is he in his crate at night? Did you "train" him to associate the crate with positive things before his first night in the crate?
You could move his crate into your room at night and see if that helps, or you could try covering his crate with a blanket, just so long as he cannot pull the blanket into the crate and possibly ingest some of it.
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