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If your dog truly was house-trained and starts having accidents, there’s an underlying cause.

Here are a few possible explanations and steps to take.

But First...

Are you sure your dog was fully trained in the first place? Do you ever find yourself explaining away accidents with statements like, “She only peed on my shoes because she was upset with me.” Or, “He’s mad about fill-in-the-blank, so he pooped in the kitchen.” If you find yourself creating explanations for finding accidents in the house, you probably should refresh your dog’s house-training skills first. If none of those apply, and your rock-solid, never-has-accidents dog starts having accidents…

A common—but oddly often-overlooked explanation—is that your dog is left alone for too long. Sure, she might be able to hold it like a champ for your eight-hour workday, but if you head out to happy hour or a work dinner afterwards, she might not be able to make it. If your schedule is steady, it’s likely that your dog didn’t fully “empty” before you left home. Either way, try getting her a little bit of a longer walk in the morning before you go and coming home before after-work functions for a little quality (and bathroom) time.

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