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I would want a tox screen run on my dog if I'd just discovered I'd been feeding it a poisonous substance. I think the ibuprofen situation is bad and I would probably get a second opinion from a different vet if mine blew it off so easily. You will note in the article below that digestive upset and listlessness (both of which your dog seems to be suffering from) are symptoms of ibuprofen toxicity.

Frankly, I would probably have found another vet when my dog's injured leg wasn't better in four months...

By: Peter F. Ullrich, Jr., MD
Updated March 2, 2005

The Hazards of Ibuprofen

People pop over-the-counter and prescription pain killers so routinely that they often assume that these pain relievers are safe for a dog suffering from arthritis. They're not. Pet owners who give non-prescription pain relievers like ibuprofen to their dog or cat can jeopardize their health and lives.

Over-the-counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen can have serious side effects for a dog. Over-the-counter pain relievers like Ibuprofen can poison a dog or cause serious or deadly complications such as heart failure, liver failure, kidney disease, dehydration, diarrhea or urinary obstruction.

Jill A. Richardson, Veterinary Poison Information Specialist for the ASPCA National Animal Poison Control Center states that "Less than one regular strength ibuprofen (200mg) could cause stomach ulcers in a 10lb dog, and about six could cause kidney failure."

Never give a dog ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil, Nuprin), naproxen (Aleve), or acetaminophen (Tylenol). Even a child's dose is safe can be fatal. These pain relievers can cause severe, even fatal, stomach ulcers and kidney damage in dogs.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, drug poisoning is the most common small animal poison exposure.

A dogs body does not utilize or tolerate Ibuprofen the same way a human body does, so the drug that relieves pain in humans can poison a dog or build to toxic levels in a dog.

In one review of ASPCA Animal Poison Control data, ibuprofen was the most common drug involved in drug exposure to dogs and cats. Dogs were the animals most commonly poisoned by Ibuprofen, and most exposures were acute.

The NSAID (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug) Ibuprofen is commonly used in humans for short-term management of pain and fever and for long-term control of arthritic pain.

In humans, ibuprofen taken at standard dosages appears to have a wide margin of safety. In a dog, ibuprofen has a very narrow margin of safety. Ibuprofen metabolizes slowly, which increases the risk that toxic levels will be reached.

Symptoms of Ibuprofen Toxicity in a Dog

Increased thirst
Increased frequency of urination
Digestive upset
Bloody stool
Liver disease
Kidney disease

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Sounds like something my dogs would do, LOL. I guess she has an appetite, just not for her dog food!

If you want to try a better grocery store brand food, try Purina ONE. Regular Dog Chow would be better than Beneful anyway...all that food coloring might be upsetting her system.
She doesn't want eat anything most of the time but when she does the regular food seems to spark her appetite more.
Yesterday I got her to eat dog food by putting spaghetti sauce on it...like she needs friggin condiments to eat food!
I'm gonna check out what else is at the store next time I go and get food.

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I personally would not give my dog Ibuprofen no matter what the vet said. That is like telling you to feed your dog chocolate or avacado. It is toxic and can't be good for her.

If she is in pain I would ask for a standad pain killer for her like tramadol to see if it is th pain that is causing her to not eat.

I had read that you have her on Beneful? I have a couple of dogs I show that though they are in good weight they never seem to ad that extra pound I need to get them in the show ring. I first put them on Iams Puppy and feed them three times a day with food soaked in warm water (warm water makes it smell more attractive and makes it easier to swallow). If that doesn't work I slowly switch them to Pro Plan. When you ad warm water to that it makes a icky fatty coating that gets all over your hands. My dogs love that stuff and will eat it no matter what. I would try that.

Worst case scenereo is cooking up some burger and rice and feeding that to her or purchasing some Science Diet I/D formula in a can. That is for severe cases but has worked well if it has something to do with an upset stomach. Some meds can cause that just like in people and you just never know. If I was a betting person I would bet it was the Ibuprofen though and not to give her that any longer. Try aspirin, though that can stil cause stomach upset just as any other pain killer.

I think that it is just a matter of taking one thing out of the equasion at a time to see what will make her eat. Ad it back and take out the next. It gets really tricky if they are just being difficult and have trained you to hand feed them super fatty food though and refuse the rest. :)

Oh...non steroidal anti-inflamitory drugs (NSAIDs) can cause liver damage long term also. Be careful of that. I had a friend lose a Golden who was 4 and only on it 9 months. Liver damage...ugh. Not a typical case, but it does happen. There may be a natural approach also you can check into that work super well.

My best to you and good luck with your baby,

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Alayne,I'm not going to give it to her after finding out its bad for her, I threw the bottle away yesterday.
Yes, our regular food is beneful. Knowing puppy food has more of pretty much everything I grabbed a small bag of it and some canned food the other day planning on feeding her 3 meals a day besides the free-feeding she normally does.(both of those pedigree in case youre wondering)
The problem is I can't just "serve" her 3 meals like I planned and you suggested. I attempt multiple times during the day to give her food and she doesn't seem to want it usually. She has managed about half a can of wet food a day and hasnt eaten any dry puppy food.
I can cook up basicly anything and theres a 20% chance she'll eat it. I am going to try buying some Iams or something next time I go to the store.

Also on the warm water, since she sometimes doesnt eat it, If i wet the dry food and she doesnt eat it then it gets soggy and I have to throw it away. I dont want this to happen everytime and then not have any food.

I am going to ask another Vet about it but right now I think (and hope) she is just fine, since none of those symptoms have appeared. Yes, I am having a problem with her eating, but this has been for the past year or so and now its just worse because she gets up less frequently.

This is about 4 months ago when she was thin compared to the other Two but still at a HEALTHY weight in my opinion

This is her Now, I have a big problem with this as you can see from my thread, The Stupid vet told me it is "fine because he can see her injury and swelling easier". Screw him I am addin on the pounds! (it makes me really sad when she refuses to eat I hope she starts regaining weight ASAP, if i have to buy 50 dollar food thats fine and dandy)

Its a little difficult to see in the picture but its really obvious in person, her but is really rounded in the first picture and really bony and pronounced in the second.
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