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Im having the same problem with my dog, although she is great with bigger dogs that don't want to play and walk off and dogs who do want to play, if she gets any reaction from a dog, whether its barking or tring to get away from her she thinks its playing, which is often with smaller dogs, and with smaller dogs that do want to play she is a bit too rough and knocks them flying. She is getting better and i am trying to train her not to run like mad when there are dogs on the otherside of the park, which is going very well but I am having trouble with timeouts, but putting her on a lead if the other dogs are running (if they are sitting or wlaking slowly she is fine) she tries to drag me over and have to leave. Molly is over a year old and most people think she is a lot younger because of the way she acts so im not so sure she will learn
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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