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Help me!!!!!!

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I recently purchased a boxer puppy. The web ad read AKC reg boxer puppies. In my first contact email, I specifically asked, full AKC reg? She repied yes full registration. Ok, picked the pup up she said she hadn't received his papers yet, she will mail them. Ok, no big deal. Dog home for two weeks everyone in love, received his papers, ACA!?!? Now no return phone calls or emails. What do I do?
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You take your lumps for not doing the research to buy from a reputable breeder, and you enjoy your adorable new boxer baby.
Youch! You got robbed. The normal terms for a sale between two private parties is "as is, where is," meaning you have to take responsibility for making sure the merchandise is as you expected. On the other hand, "as is where is" does not cover fraud, which this clearly is, in my opinion. Were I on the jury, I'd vote in your favor.

You have the address so before you file a lawsuit, you should send a demand letter requesting a full refund in exchange for the return of the pup, or else an adjustment in the price to reflect the market value received vs what you paid.

Unless you printed the ad, and can prove that your printout was in fact her ad, then you have no documentary evidence and will have rely on eye witness testimony. Frankly, I don't like your chances.

On the other hand, unless you were going to show and/or breed the pup, you still got a fine dog (hopefully). The papers are really meaningless. I haven't registered a dog in years.

I wish you luck.

DISCLAIMER: I am not now, have never been, nor am I ever likely to be, licensed to practice law in this or any other jurisdiction; accordingly, the foregoing is not to be considered legal advice, and any reliance thereon is at your own peril.
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Well, if she's just going to be a pet, it doesn't really matter if she is registered with AKC or a paper mill registry. Clearly she doesn't come from the kind of background where you would be wanting to show and breed her (or you'd have chosen more carefully) If you'd like to do dog sports with her, you can get a number from AKC if she is spayed. I'd just consider it an important and expensive lesson and enjoy the puppy.
Why would someone lie and do this to someone else?
Because they were a greedy breeder and were preying on uneducated buyers, it happens more often than not.
Never never never accept the puppy or pay all the money until the paperwork is in hand!
Back yard breeders do this pretty commonly. I would be very careful the next time you buy a dog and either go to the shelter or go to a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder doesn't sell dogs on Ebay or Craigslist just fyi. You have to do your research and find out what kinds of health tests the breeder does on the parents and usually there is a waiting list, so you can avoid BYBers.
Unfortunately, you got taken. There really isn't much you are going to be able to do and anything you could pursue wouldn't make sense from a cost/benefit perspective.

Take it as a lesson learned. When people ask where you got your dog, tell them the truth and educate them about the mistake you made so that it doesn't get repeated. By the way, it doesn't make you a bad owner or your dog any less of a great companion. You can still get AKC papers so long as you spay her.
Why would someone lie and do this to someone else?
Money. It's the most common motivation for fraud.
Why would someone lie and do this to someone else?
Because people are scumbags and it's easy to take advantage of those that don't know any better.
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