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Help me figure out what type of dog she is!

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Hello everyone!
I just recently took in a dog/puppy [not sure].
I was at work and she came wandering into the Home Depot and hid near the special service desk.
She was there for 7 hours until i decided to take her home with me.
I have no idea who's she is and I'm trying to figure it out at the moment.
Anyway, I need your help to figure out what type of dog she is and how old she may be!
She is a mutt. I know she must be some type of Terrier but I can't think of the name!
Anyway, I'll just post a bunch of pictures of her right now.

Also, I was never one to just pick a stray up off the street, but no one wanted her, and I felt so bad because if I just left her there who knows what would happen.
Anyway, thank you all. :]
Oh and apologies if there were any other threads like this one! I'm new to this site!​
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Welcome to the site! I was going to say "Terrier mix" but I guess you figured that part out. I don't know if you'll be able to get a more specific answer than that though. She is VERY cute and she looks like a wonderful dog. Are you going to keep her? Do you have any other dogs?

You'll find that this forum is a great place to ask questions and get helpful answers (even though mine probably didn't answer your question very well!)

You may want to check around and find out if anyone has lost a dog matching her description.

She's a very cute, smaller dog and it would be hard for me to believe that someone is not looking for her.
Yeah she is very sweet. Love other animals and children.
But I'm wondering if she might be a puppy or not...
She still has that sort of curiosity a puppy has.
So I'm not sure if she is going to get any bigger than this.
I have been putting up flyers and still no one has claimed her.
I know she had a family once before because she was pretty clean for being a stray dog.
Anyway I am probably going to keep her if no one ends up claiming her.
Yeah I have one other dog. She's afraid of anything that has a camera though.
It's very hard to take a picture of her and this is the only one i could get.

Not sure what she is either....but she does have features like a Yorkie.
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Well, whether she finds her family, or not at least she didn't have to spend time in the shelter. Have you posted a flyer at the shelters in your area? Have you taken her to the shelter or your vet's office to see if she's chipped? Posting an ad on craigslist.com (without the picture) and your local paper would be good also. Please make sure you do all of this before you decide to keep her. I know I'd be heartbroken if one of my dogs went missing and I couldn't find them. Good luck!
I think it's a papillon / scottish terrier cross... It sure is cute. If you do get to keep it be sure to take it to the vet right away for a check up. Even if it was only roaming for a few days it could have picked up parasites.
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