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Hi All,

We have three dogs, one of which we got last Thursday (foster):

Wini - Weimaraner (about 9-10 yr.), Daisy - Dachshund/Jack Russell mix (2 yr.), Izzy - Black Lab Terrier (5 mo., foster)

Wini and Daisy have lived together for over a year and a half now. There have been no fights, although Daisy sometimes picks on Wini and tries to get her to play.

Daisy and Izzy play pretty rough sometimes... and I've been trying to educate myself as best as possible on how the hierarchy works within the dog world, as to not interfere too much, but I have gotten uncomfortable enough where I broke things up. These two have had a few spats, but nothing serious.

About a half hour ago, Daisy and Izzy were definitely giving off some growls that were not friendly, so I did my best to separate the two. Daisy walks away, then out of nowhere, I hear Wini start to growl and Daisy bit Wini in the nose. She broke the skin, and we have her at the vet now just to make sure everything is okay. (Two small puncture wounds)

We've never had anything like this happen between Wini and Daisy and I can't help but think that it has something to do with the introduction of the new dog. The truth is that this all upsets me very much. Daisy seems to be the scapegoat for everything... including things that Izzy causes. I also think that my other family members giving our foster too much attention is causing problems.

Help! What can I do?

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