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Help indentify the color of this min pin please?

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I just bought a min pin puppy that is 14 weeks old. He is my first min pin to own. He is solid dark red all over, but his nose and toe nails are also red, and his eyes are an amber color red as well. He is registered CKC. Now, I have been researching colors of the min pin online, and I can't seem to find this color combination. Can anyone help me out? Is it it possible I don't have a pure bred min pin? I am just curious. I love him so much, it doesn't matter if he isn't up "to standard", but I just wanted to know. :)
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He sounds like a stag red with liver pigment. IIRC, that's a big no-no and one of the reasons a lot of folks don't breed chocolates and stag reds.
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