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HELP! I'm freaking out!

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I haven't posted here in a while. My beloved dacshund, Gomez, passed away February 1st and Rascal continues to get bigger and more trained.
So, while I was bored and online surfing yesterday, I notice a posting by a local rescue group saying they need to find a foster home for a red and white siberian husky that is in a local shelter and her time is running out. I call to see about her and they don't really have any information so I have to call the shelter in the morning. My husband has already decided that if she is friendly and can be around other dogs and kids we should just adopt her. I was fine yesterday, but thinking about the vet bills, daycare bills, logistics of having two big dogs, etc. I am freaking out.

Is there anyone out there that has two big dogs that has any advice for me?
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Costs is definitely something to consider. You're basically looking at spending double the amount you are now. I don't owner two big dogs but I know that whenever I fostered a senior beagle it threw everything out of wack for a little while. The senior girl wasn't trained at all and would growl at Hallie over the bed and me. She was a good girl though we didn't get to keep her though, we fostered a younger beagle mix and that went very well. She was potty trained and trained in every other aspect and got along with the family and Hallie and Peanut. I wish we could've kept her but we couldn't afford another dog and we were getting illegal (only 4 pets allowed in the city). I think it depends on the dog. You could keep her for a trial period though you would probably get attached. It sounds like she'd be fine with your other dog and everything not to mention you have experience already in the breed I say if you can afford it then go for it! She needs a home :)
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