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Recommending a certain breed is very difficult and not advisable. Each dog will vary within the breed. I could tell you that greyhounds are very lazy, which they are in general, but maybe you'd get the odd duck who ends up being extremely active. Point is, no matter what breed anyone suggests to you, do a *lot* of research about the typical breed characteristics but keep in mind that each dog is an individual that won't fit perfectly into the typical traits. Rat terriers- and most terriers for that matter- have a TON of energy and often get very bored when left alone for so long. They'll make their own fun by chewing, barking, digging, etc.

That said, some breeds that came to mind:


Boston Terrier (Though if you want a hiking/adventure buddy, get one that has a functional longer muzzle and not one with a flat face. Flat faced dogs tend to have trouble keeping cool and breathing properly which can be dangerous).
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