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HELP - GSP adolescent nightmare

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Hi all, just new to the forum. I have the best GSP male (2 in May). Recently his behaviour has become a nightmare. His recall is on his terms. He has been in dog fights (only with other males - he loves bitches). He trashes the house when home alone (even if it's for 5mins). He has become afraid of the weirdest things (crutches, noises, spiders). His prey drive is off the scale. He is resource guarding the house and any space we sit down at (public parks).

He goes to daycare twice per week and is a dream there. No issues at all.

He is exercised for 2 hours per day off lead, and comes to work with me most days.

We don't hunt with him but we permit him to chase all the squirrels and rabbits he likes, because he never ever catches them.

I know this is all part of adolescence but my question is:

Does adolescence begin and end at different stages for GSPs? Everything I read says it can be anything between 6 and 24 months. But things have only gotten really bad in the last month (since he was 22 months old). Just doesn't make sense.

Any help would be much appreciated.
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They just keep telling me it's adolescence and will pass. No medical issues have been identified. They did mention it could have been triggered by the death of his older brother who was alpha.
He is neutered. He has an issue with in tact dogs, but I guess that's somewhat normal.

I think u make a great point about too much freedom. He is really quite spoiled! In work he is a nightmare too. He runs around wild because my work is basically a dogs dreamland. However, I bought him a heated pad which I'm going to start training as his "relax" spot. He loves heat!

I will try walking him on lead for perhaps half of his walk and let him off after he has worked for it. Back to basics I think!

Thanks so much for your reply!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts