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Help Finding the Best Brand for Puppy Kibble.

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Hello, my 7 month old husky puppy has been feeding on Taste of the Wild for some months now. He was unfortunately kept on Pedigree by their Breeders but I switched him as soon as I could.
After doing more research I started seeing online a lot of controversy surrounding TOTW and its quality. It got a high heart disease rate by the FDA and some claims of it containing a dangerous amount of lead. However, its still a leader brand.

I know that every dog is an individual and will do great on different types of foods, but I just want to avoid drowning my dog on risky synthetics that might give him an early death down the road.

I want to know your opinion on the following brands:

-Orijen and Acana: Top rated foods that if Im not mistaken were bought by Purina? In that case yikes.
-Wellness and Wellness Core
-Instinct Raw
-Canidae, All life stages and Under the Sun.

- I’am also gravitating towards Victor for food

Should I stick with TOTW, or switch to another?

I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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