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Help Finding the Best Brand for Puppy Kibble.

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Hello, my 7 month old husky puppy has been feeding on Taste of the Wild for some months now. He was unfortunately kept on Pedigree by their Breeders but I switched him as soon as I could.
After doing more research I started seeing online a lot of controversy surrounding TOTW and its quality. It got a high heart disease rate by the FDA and some claims of it containing a dangerous amount of lead. However, its still a leader brand.

I know that every dog is an individual and will do great on different types of foods, but I just want to avoid drowning my dog on risky synthetics that might give him an early death down the road.

I want to know your opinion on the following brands:

-Orijen and Acana: Top rated foods that if Im not mistaken were bought by Purina? In that case yikes.
-Wellness and Wellness Core
-Instinct Raw
-Canidae, All life stages and Under the Sun.

- I’am also gravitating towards Victor for food

Should I stick with TOTW, or switch to another?

I would greatly appreciate your advice. Thank you.
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Puppy food is not the best food for puppies. It tends to encourage over growth which can lead to Panosteitis.

Panosteitis is a painful inflammation of the outer surface or shaft of one or more long bones of the legs. It is sometimes called growing pains. Panosteitis may occur in more than one bone at a time or may move around, causing a shifting lameness that goes from one bone or leg to another.

I feed RAW now but of the brands listed Wellness and Canidae were my choices. What made me SWITCH to raw was the Grain Free foods shifting from Potatoes to Peas as their base. Peas will show a High crude protein for the food.. and that protein source is not easily digested by the dog. So, yes, the crude protein may be quite high but with peas in there digestible protein is a different, lower, number. Both Wellness and Canidae have gone to a pea base.

If I were to feed kibble today I would go to rice based food (which is a grain). Even that has it's issues.. so I feed a raw mix and add delights (to the dog!) and a supplement (I use Vertex).
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