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A seemingly constant source of anxiety for me is walking my dog and being too slow to stop her from inhaling a chicken bone or anything else that I don't want her consuming. I realize that this behavior has been reinforced intrinsically and it seems like a monumental task to stop the behavior without some well timed aversive

My priority in training and conditioning has been to diminish reactivity, fear, and anxiety. I'm hesitant (unable) to implement an aversive stimulus, especially one associated with me, because I want my dog to feel safe in the world and can't justify upsetting the progress we've made . This seems to be one place that it might be necessary or appropriate, as management is quite difficult. Am I correct in assuming that conditioning an alternate response to ingesting a tasty treat on the ground would be difficult? I had the idea of planting bones wired to stakes and rewarding with a super food when she turned away from them. Has anyone solved this problem before?

Thanks for any advice.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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