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HELP! This is my first time posting ever on a website so I hope this works...

I have a beagle girl who is 1 yr and 10 months old. We got her when she was nine months old and we had her spayed when she was 10 months old. A few months later, on December 23, 2008 I noticed she was struggling to pee and when she did pee it wasn't alot so I called the vet and long story short she had bladder stones. They did surgery about 5 days later and removed about 14 stones. After the surgery we started feeding her Purina O.M. dog food and she quickly recovered and was feeling much much better. She was on some medications for 6 weeks after the surgery and had a few urine cultures. We had another urine culture done about 1 month ago to make sure she was doing OK and everything came back fine and she was doing great.
In March we switched our vet because I was getting frustrated with my vet's office for some excessive billing and delayed responses from her test results. From December- March my wife and I spent over 2,500 dollars on surgery, meds, etc...

FAST FORWARD TO TODAY...I was laying on the floor with our dog yesterday and I noticed that she was laying on a little puddle of pee so of course I quickly put her outside and cleaned her off. A little while later it happened again and I found another little pile on the kitchen floor. So of course, I quickly called our new Vet's office and they told me it could be another infection or spay incontenance? She was spayed almost a year ago so not sure if it has any connection to her being spayed.

Could it be another infection? Could it be something worse? Is something wrong with her kidneys? Is our dog in pain?
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