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We have a 1 year old yorkie who barks everytime he is outside. He only barks inside if someone knocks on the door. But outside he barks constantly. We have two dogs and like to put them outside together but the yorkie will bark . If we are out on the deck and he barks, we tell him to stop and he does...for the time being, then something interests him and he starts up again. Sometimes he just barks at nothing (or at least he thinks its something).

How can I get him to stop barking when we are not there? If I open the door and tell him to stop he comes running up to the door looking like he is proud of himself for doing a good job (I am thinking he is also learning that if he barks he can just come in the house...and I DONT want that)

We just took them camping too and he barked alot...we worked on the not barking and he will stop when we tell him to (most times LOL) if we are there.

We had a trainer come to our house and she said to teach him to bark...then you can teach no bark...that didnt work so well...he just looks at us like we are crazy LOL. And usually listens when we say no barking...its when we are not there that he is driving us crazy.

Please Help
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My first thought is... What is a Yorkie doing outside alone?

My second thought is... Read this: http://www.clickertraining.com/node/1125

And finally... How much mental and physical exercise is this little dog getting every day?
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