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My husband and I are the third and most recent adoptive parents of Ruby, a magnificent, beautiful, friendly 3 year-old Dogue de Bordeaux. We plan to be the last home and family she ever has! We've only had her for 4 months, and she's already brought so much joy to our lives...we feel so lucky to have her!

However, we haven't had dogs since we were kids, so we're a bit rusty at this dog-caring thing and we need a bit of help. We really want to do right by Ruby and give her the best care possible, so I'll be turning to you Dog Forum folks for help and advice. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your experiences and getting lots of great tips and useful information...as well as sharing any insights that may occur to me along the way!

We also share our home with Milo the white cat (who could easily pass for a sheep) and numerous tropical fish. And the occasional weird bug or two that we bring home from the archery club!

looking forward to chatting with you all!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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