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Hey Everyone!
I'm new to the forums and I am excited to learn new things and get to know people! My name is Emily. I am from New Jersey. My partner and I have a beautiful 13 month old Scottish Terrier named Dougal. I don't have kids or really plan to so when I got my little Dougie I just thought I'd have a little dog running around my house and have some responsibility. Boy was I wrong! It's strange because I never knew I could love something so much. I am completely in love with all 22 lbs of him and care for him as if he was my own flesh and blood. If you have a Scottie you know they are interesting little creatures who talk and even roll their eyes at you, not to mention they hold grudges! They are simply amazing!
I could go on all day about my dog but I am sure you all have other things to read.

I hope you have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you all!


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