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Hi, Im Jessica, married, mother of 4 girls and one very spoiled puppy.

3 of my girls WERE afraid of most animals, but especially dogs. With the help of several friends and lots of different dogs we have worked through most of that fear. Enough that the only thing left to do was bring a puppy into our home. Due to the girls' fear the pup had to meet some fairly specific requirements. Had to be between 8 and 12 weeks, light color, 50+lbs as an adult (small, dark/black dogs trigger the girls' fear the worst), calm in the house (we were prepared to wait for this one), and a walking companion for me. Gender wasnt important, the pup will be desexed anyway.

1 week after we decided to start looking, we found our perfect puppy...after 5 weeks of him being here I have absolutely no complaints, he really is perfect (at least for us). Buster is a 14 1/2 week old Saint Bernard. He is truly everything we were looking for, I couldnt have asked for a better puppy.

Sleepy puppy is Buster the day after he came home at 9 1/2 weeks. Laying down alert is 11 weeks and the one with the 2 liter bottle is 14 weeks (taken Wednesday)


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awwww! he is so cute!! how big is he now? I just recently got a new puppy too, and Im new here!
He's gorgeous! Looks like a mellow boy.

Interesting that your girls are more afraid of smaller than bigger dogs. I was the opposite as a kid.
Buster weighed 39.6lbs when we had him at the vet Wednesday, so most likely topped 40lbs now. He's the same height as the female ACD he plays with, but heavier boned and bigger around. We're expecting him to be a very big boy when he grows up.

He is a very mellow, laid back kinda guy. He's already amazing the vet with how gentle he is and how well he responds to me. She sat on the floor playing with him Wednesday. Typical puppy, he got a bit mouthy. I was expecting it, he gets mouthy when he gets wound up from playing, so told him "easy". He instantly removed his mouth from her arm, glanced up at me and licked the vet like he was telling her "sorry". He then plunked his big ol' butt on the floor, well within her reach (hes no dummy, he wanted more attention).

As best I can figure, the little dog fear is because many small breeds are close to the size of the cat that attacked my daughter. She was a 9lb Lynx Point Himalayan. Im not sure where the fear of dark/black dogs comes into play though.
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