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Hey everyone, I am Nate a noob dog owner. I adopted a rowdy little 9 week old boxer/boarder collie from my sister 3 weeks ago. He is a handful always wanting to do something, very high energy. I wanted to wait until I got a hold of a camera to make this post but I suppose I can do it later when someone will let me borrow a nice camera. So anyway I'm happy to be here, a place to actually be able to talk about training methods and such, I have been reading different training books and articles since about a week before I got him, I'm hoping someone can help me out with some ideas about specific situations that the books don't mention. Oh and his name is Duke, he seems to be really friendly so I'm sure he would say hi if he could.
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Well bad weather here in Missouri had my isp down yesterday + I myself am a bit under the weather + I should be reading for exams I have next week. Still I was tempted to drive to my sisters yesterday and use her camera and internet connection to post some pics. I didn't but I remembered that I have this one from when he was 7 weeks, its the pic my sis sent me when she asked if I wanted to adopt him.

I think he looks like a boxer, except he doesn't have that short tilted back nose. Hopefully I can get some action shots sometime soon.
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