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Hello: I joined this forum to see if anyone else's furbaby is going through (or has gone through) mast cell cancer treatment, specifically Palladia? My 8 year old Maltese, Wally, suddenly developed a lump in his perianal area, and was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor about a month ago. It was decided surgery couldn't be done because the margins would be no where close to clean and it would grow right back within a few weeks or months. Also, would be issues with healing from the surgery due to histamine released from the tumor. We are currently going through chemo with Palladia, which he is handling well. Now, the onco. vet has added Cytoxan to this. He will also be required to take Lasix to help control a serious side effect that could happen from the Cytoxan. Does anyone have any insight or experiences they could share? He is eating, happy, and acting almost the same as before. Happy I found this site! Marcie
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Hi, my maltese just had surgery to remove a liver tumor . It came back malignant and couldn’t get all the margins. My vet put him on palladia and I haven’t started the chemo drug yet. In a few days I will be starting. I am so scared what to expect and the side effects it can cause and make my dog ill. Hope your baby is doing ok Being diagnosed with tumor too! Is your baby doing ok being on this drug? Bless you and your dog to get well !! they are so strong and captures out hearts... thankyou for sharing your experiences with me.
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