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Hi All,

I'm a new member looking for advice on training a 4 month old puppy that was adopted at 3 months. Things are generally going well aside from potty training. He has a decently sized play pen that contains his crate, food and pee pads in plastic enclosures and he doesn't have trouble pooping in the right area but seems to be holding his pee. Common scenario is that I'll check on him in the morning and find poop to clean up but not signs of urine. Then I'll let him out of the play pen onto hard wood and almost immediately he let's a few drops go or this morning he dropped a few and as I was wiping it up he emptied his whole bladder over a lengthy pee that got big enough to cover all four paws. I also find that during a walk he will poop but will not pee until we're indoors and I've tried tripling the walking distance/time hoping that he won't be able to hold it but he always outlasts me and from what I can tell he didn't pee at all until this morning. Hoping to get some guidance!
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