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I've owned my boston for three years and am looking for experienced advice on how to train my boy. I'm not generally one to post in a 'new member' section of a forum, but it seems I may have to because the other sections are locked, since that is that case I will give a short rundown on my sweet little dog.

My boston terrier was a rescue who had been surrendered because he required a surgery the previous owners wouldn't pay for; It was relatively cheap, which is alarming since he was only 5 months old - you would think it worth paying, since the bought him in the first place?.

We soon found out he had been very sheltered and rarely, if ever taken on a proper walk. He pulled on the leash, and whenever he saw another dog went, well, nearly insane. He's VERY friendly, be in these moments he comes across to others as aggressive.

He is an incredibly smart and friendly boston, but we want to work on his walk skills. We were hoping some here may me able to give advice.

It's a pleasure to meet you all.


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