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Hi Everyone,

I hope I am doing this right? I look forward to talking with many of you. I would love lots of feedback on dog training, pet insurance which I just got threw the AKC, and I feel it is a joke, and will be canceling it. If I understood it correctly as many of these things go over my head, I would have to pay for any kind of service, and then submit a claim form, and there is only so much money they will pay out over the life of your pet, it seems expensive and that maybe doing a saving account would be better. If any of you know anything about this stuff I would really love to know.
I have lots of questions as to Ticks, my last dog got lyme disease even though we used frontline plus and never saw a tick or flea. We had to put her down because of it. It was many years ago. I felt lied to by the vet that said, dogs recover from this, as my dog recoverd with meds for a month and then it came back with a vengeance. So my new puppy got the lyme vaccine, and I am using a tick a flea product called Effitixs plus, it is suppose to repel and kill ticks and fleas and also mosquitos. It contains the active ingredient in frontline, and then it has pyrethrin and then a growth inhibitor. I like how both ingredients kills ticks, so I am hoping, that it works. I don't want my dog to get lyme, and I sure don't want him to bring them into the house, where we could get one.

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Welcome to the forum. Please share pictures of your pooch.
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