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Well, I have four dogs, but I did have five. Lilly, got hit by a car. She was a german shepherd, lab mix. She was Bubby's mate, even though they could reproduce. I have two dashchounds named Maisy and Sissy. They are red and getting old. They live in the other house on my property along with my friend Tiffani, which sound funny. Her dog Bailey lives there too, along with a lot of cats. Well, literally, Bubby is the only dog I have. For rent, Tiff takes care of my doxies. Bubby is my baby and is around 5months. I rescued him at 5weeks from someone who couldnt afford vet care. He had mange, but is now good and healthy! His mother was an AKC black lab, and his dad was an UKC pitbull. So, he shares and equal amount of traits from both breeds. Well, since Lilly died, I am looking for a pitbull mix so he can have someone his own size to play with, and none of my other dogs like him. Well, I love seeing pics so if you have any of your dog please post :)
Thanks~Cass ^^

I ment I have three dogs but I did have four, sorry! Im not use to Lilly being gone.
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