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My name's Charlotte and I'm looking forward to becoming part of this site! In October 2016, we got our first dog: an ex-stray lurcher who we named Elsie. She was an absolute nightmare to begin with (not house-trained, destructive, cried a lot etc.) but we persevered and now she's an absolute angel! (She's still completely mad and is a bit more noisy than when we first got her but she hasn't got a bag bone in her body!)
Yesterday, (21/02/2018) we got our second dog: a 4-5 month old puppy who we've named Desmond. He was found as a stray in Ireland and we have no idea what breed he is! He could have almost anything in him! Obviously, a puppy is a bit different from a fully grown dog so no doubt I'll be on here a bit asking for advice as he grows. Wish us luck!
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