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Hello everyone on Dog Forums :wave:

We look forward to becoming an active member on the site and communicate with other dog lovers such as ourselves. We have three dogs ourselves a Shih-Tzu/Bichon,
Shih-Tzu/American Eskimo and a Min Pin.

We also just recently started our own business we design and create Collars and Leashes ourselves just a family run business. Our company is called Tail Waggr and if any fellow members wish to see some of our products just visit our website we look forward to possible seeing some new clients and hope to make many new friends and associates here on the Dog Forums, we also have a Facebook-Like Community on our website.

Thank you and hope to meet some new dog lovers on here.

EDIT*** Sorry we posted our website link, apologies for that, just new here don't want to spam the board with our business.
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