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Hi everyone!

My name is Raychel and I just brought home my puppy, Sadie, on Tuesday night. She's a shepherd/lab cross and is almost 8 weeks old. I got her from a farm.

This is my first puppy, although I did get to experience puppyhood when I was younger.

She is the most amazing little thing. She hasn't had an accident in the house, and didn't come house trained (they lived outside). it's like she just "gets" it. I get up every 3 hours overnight to take her outside, and she does her business every time!

We had her first vet visit last night and slept through the entire exam. When she got her shots she woke up, looked around and went back to bed. She also ate her meds for deworming without hassle or me haing to wrap it in anything.

I look forward to getting refreshed on all of the puppy essentials and meeting everyone!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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