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Hi All!

My Husband and I just adopted a puppy 2 months ago (can't believe its been that long already). We found her on a craigslist ad. Her previous owner said that she had a purebred smoky pyrenees puppy(we found out later on that there is no such thing as a SMOKY PYRENEES) and was moving to an apt and couldnt own a dog, etc.etc. Being FIRST time dog owners, we met the puppy and brought her home. I was surprised that the previous owner didn't even give a toy or food for the puppy she was giving away. All we got was the leash and the puppy. Nevertheless, we brought her home and got food on the way. Such was our knowledge about dogs - we bought Pedigree brand food not knowing that its not the healthiest out there. We dont use it anymore. Bonnie Bear is our puppy's name..and she has been a joy since we got her. Our 3 yr old daughter just absolutely loves her..and vice versa - of course they are sisters! My husband and I do monitor their time together and try to teach my daughter not to be rough with the puppy (she does weigh more than our daughter), and are working with Bonnie Bear on her manners too. She has such a character and is hilarious.

When we took her to the vet we found out that she had fleas, worms, and was starting to get localized mange on her nose. We of course got her all the puppy shots (previous owner got it at some tractor place who didn't even give papers) and got her spayed whenever she was old enough. I now think that she could be an Anatolian Shepherd mix as her tail curls up when she gets excited. She does LOVE to smell EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE...:) I expect thats the puppy in her - however my husband thinks she might be a hound. Anyway we are SO happy with our mystery mutt...:)
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