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Hello all!

I'm Jessica, new to the forums and figured I should make an introduction before making any posts. I'm an RVT in Ontario Canada. I've had animals all my life and it has turned into quite the career for me. My experience ranges from pocket pets to dog/cats to equines.

Lily & McDuff are my two West Highland Terriers. McDuff is 5 years old neutered male from a not-so-ideal-situation. From a BYB near Toronto ON sent to my small home town to be sold in a doggy day care/pet store/groomers as a 6 week old puppy (sketchy location no longer in buisness) but the pups were a worm-infected, flea-infested mess. He now has a very loving home. Lily is a 14 week old female from a reputable breeder, brought her home at 8 weeks and she is a total sweet heart. Aside from my two wonderful dogs, I have a 12 year old Quarter Horse and unknown age chinchilla. It's quite the household.

I look forward to offering what I can around the forum.

I'm still working on attaching photo's. It doesn't want to work for me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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