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My name's Emily, I have three very adorable dogs. I'm 21 and have always had a passion for learning more about my favorite animal. This looks like a great place to learn more about dogs and maybe even use my knowledge to help others.

I don't really know what more to say, but I'm sure you're all really just reading this to get to the part where I introduce my babies :)
So here they are:

Corky is our oldest dog. He'll be 14 in May, but is in excellent health (despite being a little over-weight). He's a West Highland and Mini Poodle mix and is my first dog (my family had dogs before him, but I bought him with my own money when I was 8). He's definitely a quiet dog, but is the most sensitive dog ever. He reacts to my emotions - If someone scares me, he positions himself between me and them. If I'm home alone and nervous, he wont leave my side. He's just a good boy and my best friend.
tunnel.jpg PICT0140.jpg

Sandy is the next dog and just turned 10 in November. He is a Cairn Terrier who's convinced he's as big as a rottweiler with enough personality for two dogs. Sadly, he is blind (went blind at 6) and he had a little mishap a year ago, leaving him with a bad leg; but he's not in pain, is a happy little guy, and we love him just the same.
PICT0055.jpg PICT0148.jpg

Mickey is our newest addition, a Mini Wire-haired Dachshund. He will be 5 months on the 22nd. He's a little blockhead who can dig his little nose into anyone's heart, whether they like it or not :p He's a smart little guy with a very brave and determined attitude.
IMAG0278.jpg IMAG0294.jpg

But sadly none of them get along with each other. They can't even stand to be in the same room together... ;)
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