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Hello we just got a "spaniard" puppy (springer spaniel greman shepherd) :)

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Hello! :wave: Us humans are Jenn and Jamie and our new little girl is Molly! Molly is now 9 weeks old and doing actually very well...considering her young age. She is a brilliant little one. We are working hard at potty training and our biting a little too rough. We already know "sit" "shake" and the very best one "no"! This forum was a huge help. At some point last week I (jenn) was looking us potty training, shaking in sleep, and bite inhabition. The wonderful web brought me to this forum and we have been doing what was said to do and Miss Molly responded very well!! Thanks A Ton!! As soon as a get a picture of her that I can get on the computer I'll post her!!
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Re: Hello we just got a "spaniard" puppy (springer spaniel greman shepherd) :)

Oh and please feel free to send us any helpful hints!! Thanks :)
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