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Hello. This forum looks great.

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I just discovered it a couple days ago, when I was googling for Proin. My 50-pound 12-year-old girl, Darcy, has been leaking a lot; I've put underpads on the dog pillows (I have three dogs and a cat), so *if* she sleeps on her pillow it's taken care of. Now it's summer, she often prefers the wood floor, alas.

I started her on Proin, but she hates the taste. I took a small taste of it myself and I don't blame her. So I started dissolving it in soup, and that worked for a couple days, till she figured it out. Now she simply won't eat if there's the slightest trace (smell?) of it in her food. She hasn't eaten for a day now, so I'm going to give in and give her a bowl without it. She also takes Previcox, willingly. I was hoping to find some good-tasting Proin on the internet, but no such luck.

My other two mutts are a Huckleberry Hound (14), and Zorro (8), a sort of corgi-collie mix. Both are males, my boys. Darcy is what the vet kindly calls a "border collie," but around here that's any b/w dog of indeterminate breed. She looks like a smooth-coated fox terrier, enlarged several times.

My kitty is a typical alley cat who came in from the cold, and the dogs and I very wisely defer to her.

I'm looking forward to posting and reading here.

H. Lee
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Welcome to our forums!

This thread might help:
It sounds like she's pretty resistant though...

And this:

I would love to see pictures of your dogs!
Thanks, Rosemary,

I could try the hot dog trick someone mentioned -- giving four pieces, with the pill in the second one. She's awfully canny, though, and probably would stop accepting the pieces after her first pill discovery. (The other suggestions were great -- putting the pils in peanut butter, putting them in butter, putting them in the back of the throat -- but I've tried them all and failed.)

She did eat her Proin-free food when I gave it to her an hour ago, so that's something. I'll also talk to the vet today when I take my kitty in -- she has some damage to her face and is not acting right.

Yes, I'll put up pix of my pups within a few days, for sure. Right now I'm not feeling really good -- attack of the Killer Poison Ivy -- and I'd rather wait till I'm back to what passes for normal.

Thanks again for the good links.

H. Lee
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