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Hello! New person here from Indiana. I've been looking into either adopting from a shelter, or purchasing a dog from a local breeder, and have a lot of questions and curiosities. Currently have two adult girl cats and... I would love to have a Shiba-- I know their overall demeanor and think that their personality would mesh really well with my own, but I just wonder about how it would be with cats.

I had a beagle for many years before she passed, and she was great with cats and a wonderful member of the family in general! I might get another beagle from a nearby shelter, but I still just have that longing for a shiba too and there's a registered breeder nearby... It's a hard decision, honestly!

Anyway ramble ramble. It's nice to meet you all and I hope to learn a thing or two from those of you that are much more experienced than I!
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