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Hello! :wave: I'm mom to a 1 yr 2 mo old Border Collie/ Great Pyrenees/ Lab/ Golden Retriever Mix who is my Diabetes Alert Dog.

I'm pretty freaked out because here at work we have a rat problem that we are taking care of and right now I let him outside to potty and I found him investigating a DEAD RAT!! I'm scared he may have eaten some of it but I am not sure if it was him or an other animal and he was just curious.

I've tried looking online if I should be worried or what precautions i should take but all I can find is about rat poison, which i'm pretty sure the rat didn't die from poisoning because we have not put any out.

Is there anything i should be concerned about with him eating a rat? or is that normal for a dog? It kinda seemed like he was just trying to retrieve it which would be normal for him and his genetics. BUT should I be worried about him kissing me?!!?:redface: (which he does to alert me)

Please help! Any info will be appreciated!
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